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25th Anniversary Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain Aviemore Rally
19-20 January 2008

I have uploaded images of the rally, weight pull, Award Ceremony and some other, general photos. I have included a great many photographs of rally competitors on these pages, usually one photo per team, however, in many cases I have other images that you may wish to see. Please ask if you would like me to check if I do have other images of you; quote the image ref of the photo that you appear on.

For the team racing pages (sets 1-4), images are arranged in chronological order; the time block of each set is indicated on this page and in each gallery index page. Each image then shows the time it was taken in the image title - I was standing about 2-3 minutes running time from the finish, so you should be able to work out approximately which set your image should appear in.

Important Note - if you do not wish an image of you, your team or your dogs to be on my website please email me and I shall remove it as soon as I can after receiving your message.

Contact Me if you wish to purchase any images or have any other enquiries.  Prices are on my Buy Images page and I took all the photos with my Nikon D200 DSLR.


Husky Dog Racing Team


Husky Dog Racing Team


Husky Dog Racing Team


Aviemore Sled Dog Rally finish line

Set 1 0945-1100
20 January 2008


Set 2 1100-1200
20 January 2008


Set 3 1200-1300
20 January 2008


Set 4 1300-1500
20 January 2008 












Weight Pull
18 January 2008


Award Ceremony at the
Hilton, Coylumbridge
20 January 2008


General photos of the
Rally site, dogs and other
interesting sights



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