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Photography Workshops

Macro photography at CatfirthPuffins at NossFethalandMousa

The programme will be fairly flexible and tailored to your requirements as far as possible but will be along the following format. All the tutorials and photo sessions are optional and can be missed if not of interest or you are tight for time but are designed to offer a range of experiences that complement each other.

Friday evening
• Arrival and refreshments
• Discussion of what everybody hopes to learn and about their level of photographic knowledge
• Tutorial session

Subjects covered in the tutorials depend upon the interests and abilities of the group but will include:
• Camera controls, RAW files, manual settings, exposure, focus, histogram
• Composition, rule of thirds, depth of field, hyperfocal distances
• Various Styles for landscape, slow shutter speed images (motion blur) low light, night and stars
• Image download, backup, management, organising, comparing, review, cropping and RAW editing
• Using software such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, panorama stitching software and others

Saturday (or Sunday)
• outing to various locations to take photographs, try out new techniques and subjects (note: Itinerary for the day to be decided with the group, taking account of abilities, interests and the weather)
• Lunch at a suitable location (please bring your own packed lunch)
• Later, return back to Austin Taylor Photography
  - refreshments
  - discussion and review of some of the photographs you have taken during the day
  - further comments and suggestions for working with your images on the computer

NB I have a slightly different programme for the workshops to Noss, Fethaland, Mousa and Sumburgh Head - see below and the PhotoWild! Workshops page for details.

Let me know if you have particular interests or there is something you want to learn!

Special PhotoWild! Workshop programmes

This workshop includes the Friday session and then a full day at Noss, walking up to the Noup, seeing Puffins, Gannets and lots of other seabirds. If the group wish we'll walk round the island seeing lots of other spectacular landscape and wildlife along the way. This workshop includes the ferry to Bressay and a short ferry crossing by inflatable boat to Noss. The walk around Noss follows a grassy surface around the coast (9 km/ 5.5 miles), climbing steadily to the highest cliffs at 180m before falling back to lower levels. The walk is moderately strenuous but Noss is an amazingly varied island and there will be plenty of time for photos and just taking it all in.  

This is probably the most strenuous photo workshop in my programme and also includes the Friday session. The walk to Fethaland is about 8-10 km/ 5-6 miles, mostly along a rough track but with a grassy section towards and over the Isle of Fethaland. Leaving from Isbister, we pass loch, moor with birdlife, insects and many beautiful wildflowers among the spectacular landscape. We approach the former Fethaland fishing station from the south giving us great views of what was the largest of Shetland's fishing stations with up to sixty boats operating between here and the "Far Haaf", which was the local name for the edge of the continental shelf, about 50 miles to the west out into the wild Atlantic.

The Mousa workshop takes place on a Sunday, with the tutorial session in the morning before heading to the island for an unforgettable afternoon with the unique photo opportunities only Mousa can offer. Mousa Broch is the tallest and most complete building of its kind anywhere. But Mousa is also known for its birdlife, wildflowers and seals and, of course, there's always a chance to see whales or dolphins on the boat trip on the way to or from the isle.

Sumburgh Head
The Sumburgh workshop takes place on a Saturday with a short getting to know your camera tutorial follwed by a walk around part, or all, of Sumburgh Head, visits to the Sumburgh Head exhibits and RSPB Reserve. Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, Visitor Centre and Nature Reserve is a world class visitor attraction where you can explore the history and natural heritage of Sumburgh Head from early geological beginnings and Iron Age settlers to Lighthouse Keepers, Whales, Puffins and much more.

PhotoWild! Workshops
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PhotoWild! Workshops

Special Wool Week workshops

See the Wool Week website in the Spring for booking!

NB All workshop dates are subject to confirmation

I am always happy to lead bespoke or one-to-one workshops to suit your needs, please Contact Me


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